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Sissy Lappin is a residential real estate broker specializing in Memorial Villages, River Oaks, Tanglewood, Heights, Briargrove, West University, Southampton 

neighborhoods of Houston, TX

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"Lappin Properties has consistently produced the highest average selling price for homes" 



Lappin Properties is Houston’s most innovative and tech-savvy residential real estate brokerage firm…period!  Our 25-year track record shows we truly understand the buyer and seller audiences, factors that influence their decisions, the vast channels to connect with them and motivate them to take action.  This has made us one of the leading boutique firms in the country with a referral rate of 84%—one of the highest in the industry.

Sissy Lappin is a social media expert and digital marketing innovator. Her keen knowledge and experience in home sales have earned her respect among her business peers. She is a frequent contributor to Inman News, the national industry leader in news and information for leading-edge real estate marketing.




Sissy asked all the right questions and she intuitively knew what I wanted.  Ultimately, Sissy showed me two houses and got it right.  Her knowledge and expertise of the area and the market really shines.  As soon as I walked into the house we purchased I knew it was going to be our home.  From the location, the flow and style of the floorplan – it was exactly what we envisioned.

Doug & Caroline Bailey

“My home was listed with a large firm for over 6 months.  I changed to Lappin Properties and it sold within 30 days.  The personal service was the difference.  We never thought selling our home could be so easy.  Thanks Sissy!”  

Zach & Linda Wasson

Sissy is the tops when it comes to real estate in the Villages. Knowing the market, home values and strategic negotiations are Sissy’s strengths. We were able to get the house we wanted at the price we wanted even when there were others competing for the property. The best part was she was able to sell our existing home in 6 days. Luck you say?.....I don’t think so.

Rich & Tiffany Kent


2022-05_5741 Indian Cir Houston TX 77057.jpg
2022-05_1630 Vassar St Houston TX 77006.jpg
2022-04_1215 Briar Bayou Dr Houston TX 77077.jpg
2022-03_3303 Eckert Dr Galveston TX 77554.jpg
2022-03_16643 Jamaica Cove Rd Jamaica Beach TX 77554.jpg
2022-03_1335 Foxwood Rd Houston TX 77008.jpg
2022-02_607 Allston St Houston TX 77007.jpg
2022-02_343 Hunters Trail St Houston TX 77024.jpg
2022-01_11620 Blalock Forest St Bunker Hill Village TX 77024x.jpg
2022-01_10214 Eddystone Dr Houston TX 77043.jpg
2021-12_803 Chowning Rd Houston TX 77024.jpg
2021-12_12434 Mossycup Dr Houston TX 77024.jpg
2021-10_4320 Marina St Houston TX 77007.jpg
2021-10_1726 Haddon St Houston TX 77006.jpg
2021-10_1223 Turnbury Oak Ln Houston TX 77055.jpg
2021-09_674 Shartle Cir Houston TX 77024.jpg
2021-09_11506 Habersham Ln Piney Point Village TX 77024.jpg
2021-08_1501 Maryland St Houston TX 77006.jpg
2021-07_777 Ourlane Cir Bunker Hill Village TX 77024x.jpg
2021-07_406 Flintdale Rd  Houston TX 77024.jpg
2021-07_255 Hedwig Rd Hedwig Village TX 77024x.jpg
2021-07_11310 Del Monte Dr Houston TX 77077.jpg
2021-06_2211 Harvard St Houston TX 77008.jpg
2021-06_2014 Woodhead St Houston TX 77019.jpg
2021-06_10935 Wrenwood Grn Houston TX 77043.jpg
2021-05_732 W Cottage St Houston TX 77009.jpg
2021-05_3733 Wakeforest Ave Houston TX 77098.jpg
2021-05_11 Hedwig Cir Hedwig Village TX 77024x.jpg
2021-04_27 Lana Ln b Houston TX 77027.jpg
2021-03_6510 Carrizo Fall Ct Houston TX 77041.jpg
2021-03_5308 Pine Forest Rd  Houston TX 77056.jpg
2021-02_410 Tecumseh Ln Houston TX 77057.jpg
2020-12_709 Highland St Houston TX 77009.jpg
2020-12_5314 Bordley Dr Houston TX 77056.jpg
2020-12_511 Three Corners Dr Houston TX 77024.jpg
2020-11_5000 Longmont Dr Houston TX 77056.jpg
2020-11_1545 Bracher St Houston TX 77055.jpg
2020-10_5209 Holly St Bellaire TX 77401.jpg
2020-10_4530 Elm St Bellaire TX 77401.jpg
2020-10_443 W 22nd St Houston TX 77008.jpg
2020-09_6154 Briar Rose Dr Houston TX 77057.jpg
2020-09_17111 Memorial Dr Houston TX 77079.jpg
2021-03_5308 Pine Forest Rd  Houston TX 77056.jpg
2021-02_410 Tecumseh Ln Houston TX 77057.jpg
2020-12_709 Highland St Houston TX 77009.jpg
7814 Edgeway Dr.png
773 Pifer Rd.png
6151 Valley Forge Dr.png


2601 Bevis St E Houston TX 77008.png
132 Sugarberry Cir Houston Tx 77024.jpg
715 Malone St Houston TX 77007.jpg
1018 River Glynn Dr Houston TX 77063.png
7915 Burgoyne Rd Houston TX 77063.png
6150 Olympia Dr Houston 77057.png
316 Bunker Hill Rd Houston 77024.png
11630 Blalock Forest St Houston TX 77024
607 Hunters Grove Ln Houston TX
11306 Claymore Rd Houston TX 77024.png
2413 Mimosa Dr Houston TX 77019.png
606 Saddlewood Ln Houston TX 77024.png
10614 Gawain Ln Houston TX 77024.png
2807 Ferndale St Houston TX 77098.png
11637 Green Oaks Houston TX 77024.png


602 Hunters Way Ct Houston TX 77024.png
6130 Lynbrook Dr Houston TX 77057.png
11207 Wilding Ln Houston TX 77024.png


606 Bayland Ave Houston TX 77009.png
441 W 22nd St Houston TX 77008.jpg
2717 University Blvd Houston TX


4407 Langtry Ln.png
10907 Bridgewood.png
6409 sewanee ave.png
31 Porch.png
1138 Danbury Rd.png
8610 Pasture View Ln.png
11206 Tyne Court.png
1075 W 17th St.png
6123 Inwood Dr.png
239 Piney Point Rd Houston TX 77024.png
323 Chapel Belle Ln Houston TX 77024.png
518 Wellesley Dr Houston TX 77024.png
2 Tiel Way.png
3604 W Clay St.png
43 W Terrace.png
5369 Sugar Hill Dr Houston TX 77056.png
6262 Woods Bridge Way Houston TX 77007.p
1 Dunnam Ln Houston TX 77024.jpg
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