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With over 25 years of experience, Sissy Lappin is in the top 1% of independent brokers in the US.  She has successfully marketed over 2 billion dollars (that’s right— a billion dollars). She is one of the most experienced residential brokers in the business and she has been featured in FORBES, Time, Houston Chronicle, Money, Wall Street Journal, Market Watch, and ABC for her market insight.


Lappin Properties, has been acknowledged as one of the most successful real estate firms in Houston, and was recognized as #1 in most expensive homes sold by the Houston Business Journal.


A proud native Houstonian, Sissy has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Money, Time, MSMBC, Houston Chronicle, Houston Business Journal.  The Houston Business Journal named her as for her market insight.; she has earned the highest level of trust and respect from her peers in the industry and the media as well as her clients. She brings years of experience, a deep knowledge of the market, excellent negotiating skills and expertise in all steps of the process to every single client and transaction.


Most real estate agents average a 20% referral rate, Sissy’s rate has been over 84% for years. Her secret to success is this relentless striving for only the best for herself and her clients.

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